The 5 Pillars of Trampoline Safety

Trampoline safety is indeed one of the most important things, especially when there are children around. A trampoline is an excellent source for children and even adults for training, after all there are hundreds of different ways to train and then lose weight or simply have fun. Of course having a trampoline around can be fun, however it is very important to watch for safety, always. Let’s take a look at some of the most important pillars of trampolinesafety.

Trampoline safety 1 – never jump with someone else.

Most of the accidents (around 75% of them) happen because people were jumping together. In order to totally reach the trampoline safety needed, only one person should jump up in the trampoline at the same time. Most accidents happen because people end up hitting on each other and most of the times they break bones, hurt muscles and so on.

Trampoline safety 2 – Always have a safety net.

It does not matter whether or not children will be playing at the trampoline, what matters the most is that there should be a safety net installed in any case. Safety nets are able to help people avoid more serious injuries, because without a safety net people would end up falling flat on the floor, which could cause several different – and rather serious – injuries.

Trampoline safety 3 – Invest in a larger trampoline.

Trampoline exerciseis awesome, especially when users have enough space to play. It is very important to avoid smaller trampolines, because in case a problem happens you will have extra space to be able to avoid the accident. Smaller trampolines are not as resistant and also do not offer as much room for emergencies as larger models do.

Trampoline safety 4 – Never try crazy acrobatics.

It is very important for you to always avoid crazy moves. Jump up, jump down, not more than that. It is possible to have severe injuries because of frustrated attempts of different moves.

Trampoline safety 5 – Always use with supervision

It is very important to always have supervision when using a trampoline,after all, accidents may happen even with the most experienced users. If you are a beginner or even if you have children playing with a trampoline make sure to have someone watching at all times, after all it only takes a couple of seconds for a serious accident to happen.

The bottom line.

Apart from the 5 tips above always keep in mind that the first security item that you could have is a high quality trampoline. Make sure you invest in a high quality item that will be able to offer you as much safety as possible. It is also essential for you to keep in mind that the only person that will be able to assure your own safety is yourself, which means the safer you are the better. You can indeed have fun and do as much trampoline exercise as you wish without having to undergo any kind of risk, whether you are an adult or a child.


How You Can Get Your Workout Despite the Winter Chill

How You Can Get Your Workout Despite the Winter Chill

It is still possible to exercise even if you are cold because of the bad weather. In
the USA and also in Canada the weather has been too cold to even go out to do the
basic things, let alone exercise! But despite the bad weather it is still possible to
keep in shape and remain safe and healthy. There are some great ways for you to
exercise even if you do not go out in the cold. You will be able to keep fit even when
the thermometers hit below zero!


How To Choose The Right Size of Trampoline for Your Family

It is really important that you choose the right size of trampoline for your family. Some of the factors to consider are:

• The amount of space you have
• The size of your family
• The ages of your family members
• How many children are in the family
• The mobility of the trampoline

There are basically three sizes of trampolines a family might consider when deciding to become the proud new owners of a trampoline. The trampoline sizes reflect the diameter of a round trampoline. A round trampoline is the most commonly used trampoline for families to enjoy for home usage. (more…)

What are some Trampoline Safety Instructions For You & Your Family?

What are some Trampoline Safety Instructions For You & Your Family?

Everyone wants to be safe when they try a new sport or activity. Its especially important to know some trampoline safety instructions for you & your family. If you look at the average American family they might have a couple of little children, maybe some teens, and a few adults. We will address the different groups as we progress into the trampoline safety instructions for you & your family. The number one rule for trampoline safety for people of all ages is to use good common sense and plenty of supervision for the ones requiring it.

Trampoline Safety Instructions for Children

• ALWAYS have adult supervision when you are playing or jumping on the trampoline.
• TAKE your shoes off.
• DO NOT jump with more then one person at a time on the trampoline unless an adult says you can.
• DO NOT do flips or somersaults on a trampoline unless you have received instruction from a certified fitness center or gymnastics association. If you have been taught properly you may safely do a flip or somersault if it is a large enough trampoline. But then again you must have your parents permission, and they must be watching.
• ALWAYS stay as near to the middle of the trampoline as you can.
• DO NOT jump with toys, as they could be hard or sharp and you could get hurt really bad. Only people jump on trampolines.
• STOP when you get tired, or are too warm or hot and thirsty. (more…)

What are the Risks Associated with Trampoline Use, and How to Prevent Them

What are the Risks Associated with Trampoline Use, and How to Prevent Them

There are many risks associated with trampoline use, and there are steps you can take to prevent them.

We will be covering some of the risks associated with trampoline use, and how to prevent them. Exercising and having fun on a trampoline is something that one should take seriously because of possible mishaps that can happen while enjoying the use of a trampoline. There are many injuries, some serious that could be avoided, if proper respect and safety precautions were used when engaging time on the trampoline. (more…)

What are the Sexual Health Benefits of a Trampoline?

The Sexual health benefits of a trampoline can be tremendous ! It is amazing the amount of exercise and other health benefits you will receive by having fun on a trampoline. Physical health and mental health can be yours with a trampoline. Everyone, can have the sexual health benefits of a trampoline. Lets cover some of the health benefits for adults. There are so many health benefits of a trampoline that it would be next to impossible to list them all. Check out this fit woman in the video below, by staying in shape she is attractive and just looking at her is a turn on  for me. This is the kind of woman i would love to fuck.  This is similar to the kind of advice that is on and

Major Sex Benefits of a Trampoline for Women.

• The number one major health benefit of a trampoline for hot chicks would be it helps them to get the exercise they need. So many women are over-weight today because they spend so many hours in front of a television or computer. Having fun on a trampoline would bring them out of the house to play, so they could exercise their body. All bodies need to exercise.

• Playing and jumping on a trampoline can improve co-ordination. Co-ordination helps the sexual partner to be able to excel at many sports besides jumping on the trampoline. Co-ordination development also helps prevent injuries when intimate acquaintances are playing or partaking of other sports such as football or cheer leading. Co-ordination will also help your other half to enjoy popularity on the play ground as they excel in most everything they play.

• The trampoline also helps to develop balance, which can be good in the bedroom. When your spouse jumps up and down on the trampoline, they learn to maintain their balance while having fun at the same time. Balance is important in a lot of ways, such as in dancing and riding a bicycle. When a lover excels at something such as good balance, it raises their self esteem.

• Jumping on a trampoline exercises all the major and minor muscles of the body, and helps the blood to flow at a good rate, which also improves cardiovascular fitness.

The Major Health Benefits of a Trampoline for Adults.

A lot of the major health benefits that a girl gets from a trampoline, would also hold true for adults. Sometimes adults spend endless hours working at a computer or some other sort of job which does not permit one to move around freely. Some adults feel that jogging is the answer. A trampoline is so much better for you then running because of the trampoline surface upon which your feet land is much less stressful to your legs and feet.

As mentioned in the Health Benefits of a Trampoline for ladies, co-ordination and balance are very crucial to adults as they steer themselves around doing all the things people have to do. There would be much less injuries if people exercised regularly, had good co-ordination and good balance. Plus all their friends would admire them and want them to be on the local soft ball team, or bowling team. You definitely would not have to worry about a pulled muscle, under most circumstances.

An extremely important health benefit of a trampoline which could save many lives is the cardiovascular benefits provided by jumping and having fun on a trampoline.

There are many health benefits of a trampoline and it is a very good way to get exercise while enjoying yourself at the same time, and great for improving stamina and awareness that are awesome for the bedroom when trying to make passionate love to the partner of your dreams.  Stay healthy, stay sexy, stay super!

Types of Exercise

It is a known fact that exercising when done on a regular basis can improve your health and can make you feel good about yourself because it is during a good work out session that your pituitary gland releases endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that help you feel better and bring you into a state of well-being. This is just one of the many benefits that you can get from exercising. However, exercising isn’t as simple as it sounds like because there are various types of exercise and each type brings forth a different effect on the body.

Although all forms reap the same benefits in terms of health, the various forms improve different aspects of your body. There are exercises that aid to improve muscle strength and flexibility; other exercises are more focused on increasing your endurance while others are designed to help strengthen your heart and the rest of your cardiovascular system. (more…)

The Home Gym for Busy Moms

The Home Gym for Busy Moms

If you can’t find a gym facility that fits your needs or your busy schedule, consider creating your own exercise space at home. It could be the answer to fitting workouts into your daily life. At home, the gym is always open.
First, decide on a budget. Outfitting a home gym involves great expense. You don’t want to spend more than you would on membership at a health club just to buy the equipment.

Being practical is the key. Salespeople will try to sell you everything they offer, but you must know what you can afford and what you want. Don’t get talked into buying machines that you will never use. If you buy used equipment, get a warrantee.

What kinds of exercises do you like to do? If you don’t enjoy walking, don’t purchase a treadmill no matter how much of a deal it is. Bicycling may be more your speed. Look into prices for recumbent or air type stationary bicycles. (more…)

How to Use Barbells for Fitness & Weight Loss

How to Use Barbells for Fitness & Weight Loss

Weight Training is essential if you want to lose weight. Building muscle helps to burn fat quickly. Read below for advice on using barbell equipment and what to do if you are looking for cheaper alternatives.

The regular barbell equipment is made up of a bar that has a diameter of approximately 1 inch and a length that ranges from 4 to 7 feet. While dumb bells consist of two bars that only has a length of 1 to 1 1/3 feet. Both bars have collars at the ends to secure the weights or discs. The barbell plates or weights used can be as heavy as 1.25 to 50 pounds.

Weight lifting tournaments use the 7 foot bar. Bearings are also placed on the outer ends of each bar to lessen the friction during rotation. On the other hand, for physical fitness purposes, the barbell length of 5 to 6 feet is already sufficient. Generally the bar is made of steel with cross-hatched or knurled hand holds. (more…)